Burn 25% TORN supply & Distribute Airdrop to stakers

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A proposal to secure the protocol, this proposal will

  1. Burn 25% of the TORN supply (about 2,500,000 TORN) allocated inside the governance contract to make TORN scarce & immune to governance attacks.
  2. Allocate exclusive TWAP airdrop for this proposal voters and stakers.

Currently, the TORN supply on Governance Contract is unnecessary for the DAO operation and it increases the risk of hackers targeting the governance. To prevent further governance attacks and to make TORN more scarce by removing a significant portion of the supply, we believe it could contribute to the value of TORN.

Also, voting this proposal yes would grant you the airdrop of the upcoming TORN centric dex exchange which could contribute to building a decentralized, uncensorable exchange as well as maintaining community-owned liquidity.

Burning 2,500,000 TORN

About 55% of the supply ( 5,500,000 TORN ) has been allocated for governance and currently, the governance controls 47% of the supply ( 4,700,000 TORN ). Since the supply allocated for governance doesn’t have a role it is likely that if the supply circulates on the current market it will only dilute the market value of TORN. Therefore, we propose to burn the available supply from the governance contract starting with the unlocked 25% of the supply ( 2,500,000 TORN ) currently sitting on the contract.

Burning 2.5 million TORN should be considered safe since there are more than 2 million TORN to be unlocked from the vesting contract, current burning will only decrease risk of the supply being released.


From the sole decision from the exchange, Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges and the largest custodian of TORN token, has decided to delist TORN token after the settlement from the US government has been made.

Since the TornadoCash has been sanctioned by the US government and since the TORN token has been identified as a sole entity for running the platform according to the indictment, it has become a challenge to maintain the TORN pair for the centralized exchanges from the US pressure. Therefore, in an advancement of the possible future delisting and to preserve liquidity on decentralized, uncensorable exchanges, a writer of the proposal is suggesting the community to support establishing a new community-owned exchange to maintain the liquidity of TornadoCash governance token (aka TORN token).


Building a new community-owned decentralized exchange will be able to return fees generated from the community to the community, by doing a buyback and burning off the TORN token or distributing collected fees to the stakers of TORN token. And as well, a new dedicated community exchange will also motivate to deploy and maintain the interaction tools like dex frontends and aggregators which don’t censor TORN pairs. Dexes like Uniswap are actively censoring tokens and addresses in order to fulfill the US government’s demand.

Toward censorship resistance

Maintaining censorship-resistant, politically neutral public goods is more important than ever for blockchain projects especially when it comes to smart contracts. However, the future of major dex like Uniswap will likely censor and comply with censorship from the contract level at the future. We simply resist these changes. This is why the community should build and maintain its own dex.

Bootstraping liquidity for governance

Unlike other defi governance-like curve, locked TORN tokens limited the ability to liquidate staked TORN tokens on the governance contract by locking tokens until the voting period ends. In order to fluid staked assets, we propose to build a new veTORN token and build utility and liquidity by maintaining TORN-veTORN pair liquidity on a new dex.

Airdrop to TORN holders, stakers & voters

A new token to support new TORN dex & veTORN will be launched after the quorum of the community consensus. As we need to distinguish active TORN community accounts & stakers from speculators and locked assets which would likely belong to previous Tornado developers.

By voting this proposal yes it will be enough method to identify community accounts as the account could be considered as an early contributor for the new TornadoCash community products.

Expanding the utility of TORN

By creating a new platform would also mean expanding the utility of TORN like building a convex to support CRV. The community could guarantee that a new platform will bring significant benefits and contributions to the economic value of TORN as it will contribute a significant portion of income to invest and burn TORN which would benefit TORN holders.

Roadmap of the TornadoCash Expansion

After this proposal passes, the developers will

  1. Build a new dex
  2. Build veTORN contract
  3. Bootstrap liquidity on new dex
  4. Enhance TornadoCash protocol, decentralize and improve any possible components like RPCs, Frontend (ens gateways), and Bridges.
  5. Deploy new TornadoCash Pools (stETH, TORN)
  6. Improve Router contract to accumulate fees with the better logic
  7. Improve helper tools like CLI, SDK, etc.

Source code of the proposal

Following is the contract source code of the proposal.

The main functionality of the proposal contract would be burning the supply.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.20;

interface IERC20 {
    function transfer(address to, uint256 amount) external returns (bool);

contract BurnProposal {
    IERC20 public constant TORN = IERC20(0x77777FeDdddFfC19Ff86DB637967013e6C6A116C);
    // 25% supply of TORN
    uint public constant BURN_AMOUNT = 2_500_000 ether;
    address public constant BURN_ADDRESS = 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD;

     * @dev Burn 25% supply of unused TORN in order to increase value
    function executeProposal() external {


Executing this proposal will not compensate or benefit developers to distinguish devs from the decentralized protocol itself. Any further use, distribution of the platform, or the contract will be under the DAO’s hands and devs will not hold any single portion of
the token shares in order to maintain the mission to build public good. This way we could improve the platform as a politically neutral state.

I have to vote against this proposal. The content itself was not thoroughly discussed, and 2.5 million was casually destroyed, which is meaningless. The subsequent changes are so significant that, based on the principle of one matter, one discussion, I must vote against them. And the new exchange token mentioned in the proposal has no value at all. It’s the same game of defi circling money again. What if worthless tokens are airdropped? I doubt your motives!

Lying 1: Boris has long contributed to the development of the Tornado Cash, but it appeared a few days ago

Lying 2: Boris has significant funds in Binance but needs someone’s investment because he doesn’t have money

There’s a lot of lies in the conversation I’ve had with him

Pay attention to the vote