ButterflyEffect Can you improve proposal-47?

Can you improve proposal-47,? The airdrop seems to only be targeting addresses with voting rights and not including all staking addresses. because I delegated my voting rights to a trusted address a long time ago. : (

How many tokens do you have?

proposal includes only addresses that have more than 1000 torn

Butterfly, we hope you reconsider Proposal 47’s snapshot timing issue.

Butterfly, we hope you reconsider Proposal 47’s snapshot timing issue.

Currently, Butterfly autonomously decides the snapshot timing process for Proposal 47, then discloses it to the community afterward. This operational approach presents significant issues:

(1) After the snapshot time, individuals who buy TORN suffer undue losses, with TORN interests innocently diluted.
(2) Autonomous determination of snapshot timing followed by disclosure inevitably raises suspicions of insider trading, although I believe Butterfly wouldn’t engage in such practices.
(3) It deviates from the proposal’s ultimate goal. The primary aim of this proposal is to counter potential attacks from the US government. The best way to counter such attacks is to attract more participants to engage in gov contract governance. Snapshot first, then vote, fails to fulfill this function.
(4) The current process merely serves as a means for active users to pilfer assets from inactive users, unrelated to TORN’s long-term interests. Butterfly’s salary comes from assets within the DAO, belonging to all TORN holders. You should uphold the interests of all TORN holders, not just those of a few active users. If this precedent is set, it opens Pandora’s box, turning TORN governance into a game of wealthier individuals stealing from smaller holders, ultimately destroying the DAO.

We hope Butterfly reevaluates the proposal process, altering it as follows:

(1) Butterfly posts the snapshot date at the top of the forum and official Telegram channels (in both Chinese and English) for one week.
(2) Snapshot is taken.
(3) Proposal voting is initiated.

in fact i prefer aridrop option without real airdropped tokens
only voting rights

in this case snapshot time is not important
but if voters will choose option with real tokens i also think we do not need to allow bounty hunters to get reward

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I saw someone questioning the snapshot time. I think there is no problem with the timing of this snapshot, as it is aimed at people who hold coins and vote for a long time. It’s not about using airdrops to attract people to buy coins.
At the same time, I believe that as a developer, Butterfly does not have the decision-making power in this matter. It is best to seek the opinions of Dao and the whale who want to make changes.

Considering the current liquidity situation, it’s improbable for anyone to buy TORN just for the sake of an airdrop. The costs of accumulating and selling tens of thousands of tokens would likely outweigh the benefits of the airdrop. Moreover, information is transparent, and post-airdrop, the price would adjust accordingly. Hence, the arbitrage issue you mentioned wouldn’t have a significant impact. Indeed, many individuals face challenges such as RPC issues or difficulty finding the official website, preventing them from staking TORN in the gov contract. However, once they realize that failing to stake their tokens would result in dilution of their stake, they would be incentivized to address these issues. If our goal is to resist the US government, we should provide these individuals with an opportunity. More people staking their TORN in gov contracts is crucial for the long-term success of the DAO. We shouldn’t easily forgo this chance to attract ordinary individuals to participate in staking, or else TORN’s DAO will eventually become a game for a few large holders.

Voting rights are undoubtedly fairer and more effective in resolving issues. However, practically speaking, it’s unlikely to pass because those who vote will inevitably support proposals that benefit them the most financially. There’s hardly a more enticing option than directly seizing assets from inactive users. Once the Pandora’s box is opened and people taste the benefits, it’s unlikely that this practice will cease, ultimately leading to the destruction of the entire DAO governance system.

Butterfly doesn’t have the final decision-making power, but as the community’s most crucial technical figure, their choices greatly influence the direction of this matter. Butterfly provides the community with options on what to vote for, and his decisions have a significant impact on the outcome.

I have two questions:

  1. Should 1 million tokens be distributed evenly according to the snapshot address, or proportionally according to the number of tokens held by each address at the time of the snapshot?
  2. If I sell the tokens now, will it not affect the airdrop?
    Hope someone can answer me, thank you.

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