Cannot withdraw ETH on Tornado Nova


I have a problem with the ETH withdraw: I have started the withdraw process and the first step of creating the proof has finished successfully. Then it gives me an error that the second step, that is publishing, has failed. But the thing is that my ETH has went away - my shielded balance has become below 0.0001 ETH (yet not zero). So there are a few problems:

  • the biggest one: there is no ETH on the target wallet
  • the transaction list of the account I’ve used is empty - it misses not only the failed transaction that result in assets lost, but any other transactions as well
  • attempt to create an account for the withdrawal wallet (for the only RPC I’ve found to work with Nova) costs 0.57 ETH. Of course, I didn’t execute it. At the same time, other RPCs evaluate it reasonably, but all of them instantly rejects the transaction

Can you please suggest me what can I try to do to get back the control over the ETH?

hi did you save withdrawal tx hash?

Unfortunately I don’t have the tx hash - I thought after seen an error on sending that there should have been no tx at all. Is there an other way to get the tx history but the current UI that doesn’t even show previous txs? Isn’t it a clear sign that something is not working properly if I have a non-zero balance and empty txs history at the same time?

i think i can not say anything here.

nova withdrawal tx can proceed more than 3 days
you got your money?

No :frowning_with_open_mouth: It was some time before I wrote this post, so it’s 4+ days. Is there a place I can checkout the list of transactions, so I can guess which is mine by time?

I got my ETH! Thank you for being involved. I don’t want to disclose the exact time period, but it was not 3 days - it was more than a week. And the transaction history on the sender account is still empty

check internal transactions