Can't withdraw my BNB

When I try to withdraw my BNB I get this error: “Error There is no related deposit. The note is invalid.” Every time I delete one character of the note and type it in again, the deposited amount is displayed for a second while the message “Getting the note data…” is shown and after that I get the error. Some deposits earlier failed but were successful on the blockchain and also not accessible. I don’t know if somebody can help with that or if my money is lost now. I’m using these two RPC’s: and

Choose second prebuilt RPC in site settings and it will work.
Many RPC currently experiencing issues on BSC related to Erigon problem: Rejected header marked as bad hash=0x022296e50021d7225b75f3873e7bc5a2bf6376a08079b4368f9dee81946d623b height=33851236 · Issue #254 · node-real/bsc-erigon · GitHub