Cheating relayers discussion

We raised relayer registration threshold in proposal 41 to 5k torn but there is still a big issue: nothing prevents cheating relayers to register as honest relayer without revealing his intentions and patiently paying fees waiting balance decreasing to 500-1000 torn and then start cheating without fear of unregistration or nullification

Possible solutions:

  1. Increase relayer listing threshold in ui (500 → 4000)
  2. Add operator (biggest relayer or some multisig that can clear any relayer balance without proposals immediately after cheating)
  3. Shorten proposal vote/lock time, i suggest 3 days for voting and 1 day time lock

If you know any other good solutions suggest it here!

I recommend using both solution 1 and solution 3, which is the easiest to implement and can effectively solve the problem.

  1. The first point means that all relayers actually lose 4000 torn. That’s a lot. Such damage can force many to use cheating when the balance is below 4000 torn. What should do with relayers that currently have a balance of less than 4000 torn? Just turn them off?
  2. It’s a good option, but need to calculate all risks.
  3. Not all DAO voting against cheaters. Some proposals take longer.

Need more time to see how the latest proposal works.

If a relayer only has 500 torns left, he has a very small probability of being select by the UI, he will not gain much if he cheats. Just use proposal to kill him will be good.

It’s very unfair to increase the cost to 4000 torns, especially for those small relayers, it will make Tornado more centralization.

you are wrong bcs even if cheating relayer has only 500 torn left, he can set lowest comission and users will select him manually

How about force all relayer to set a same fee rate?

it is technically possible but not good for relayers
some small relayers use lower fees to be selected manually

I don’t think a lock in period of two days is necessary, one or even half a day is enough. However, it is not recommended to reduce the proposal period of five days. The less time it takes to prepare for the pledgor, the greater the risk of being hijacked. Meanwhile, I support the proposal to set up a super administrator.