Establish a token burning mechanism immediately without delay

Bitcoin has exceeded 45,000, and the entire market is moving in a good direction. Against this background, tornadocash must seize this opportunity to carry out reforms.

The worthless inscriptions and MEMEs represent skyrocketing prices, creating huge bubbles. The market will one day lead to projects with actual value capture, so our reforms must also be put on the agenda.

The implementation idea is also very simple. The current mechanism is that relayer tokens will be continuously distributed to stakers. On this basis, it is recommended that 80% of the tokens to be distributed be burned and 20% continue to be distributed.

This will not affect the user’s cost. At the same time, thanks to the huge stock of funds in the vault and the good operating quality, it will continue to attract new users, thereby speeding up the burning speed and continuing to increase the value of the project.

Agaist,still agaist
There’s nothing to say, no need to explain anymore, it’s boring

I don’t understand why you always object. What’s the reason? Or do you have any good suggestions to help the price go up?


withdrawals income currently is not big and burning is a big proposal
also burning generates income to holders but current system only to stakers and i do not think that stakers will vote for burning in such case

Token burning will bring price increases, no one will be unhappy, let’s give it a try. At least there are still many tokens in dao, decentralized relay nodes can be proposed, and the income continues to be distributed to stakers. In short, with such a good project, no matter what, it has good prospects.





The value of TORN is far from underestimated. The burning mechanism will definitely make the currency price skyrocket, and the results will be determined by voting.