How to get eth without centralization

I listened to the speakers at Eth Prague 2023, there was a topic “how to initially interact with ethereum without having ethereum to pay for network gas, through dex or decentralized automated systems.” This is a topic for reflection. Tornado has a relay system that can solve this ethereum problem, as I think, you just need to think about this topic well. This is not a suggestion or an improvement, but a reflection. Maybe in the future someone will implement this

for example. I don’t have eth, I haven’t used crypto. I found a remote job, a salary in usdt on the eth blockchain. I don’t want to use a centralized system (binance, huobi), or they don’t exist. From where do I get eth to get usdt to my account, in a decentralized way?

How about Bisq. Or you could mine some other crypto and swap that to Eth to pay gas when transacting with your USDT.