Increase voting quorum and relayer registration threshold

Proposal goal - increase voting quorum and relayer registration threshold, because torn price after delisting dropped significantly.
Now only 35k usd is enough to reach proposal quorum and less than 3k usd enough to register your own relayer (big opportunity to cheat without operator)

Proposal code:
Proposal tests:
Proposal contract:

New quorum threshold: 100k torn
New relayer registration threshold: 5k torn

Also, proposal contains compensation to dev (me) - 100 torn (bcs price is very low) for deployment gas and execution after voting

Support this proposal
Also look forward to the UI proposal coming online soon

voting compensation is not a problem: Telegram: Contact @tornadocashcn

i followed auditor suggestion (withdrawal through wallet should work if no relayer is available) and working with ui code is much harder than i thought
and i do not have much time to work on tornado (bcs it is not my work, just hobby), but i will do ui changes asap

it does not make sense because tornado should have many relayers to be able to resist censorship and sanctions



For everyone’s context, here are the current thresholds:

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