Is OmniBridge censoring Nova withdrawals?

When you withdraw funds from Tornado Cash Nova, Gnosis Chain → Ethereum bridging happens. The bridge we use is OmniBridge. It seems that OmniBridge now burns every transaction related to Nova, the article claims… Can anyone reproduce this? Does this mean all my funds in Nova got rekt? If so can we remove the link to Nova from

Its false information. Ask please for transaction hash, because AMB contracts, that used for cross-chain transaction, cannot burn something.

Ok, I found his transaction myself.
As you see in screenshot in his post, transaction ends up with 1397aec065df4f:

This is transaction link on Gnosis explorer:

This is transaction status on Tornado AMB Live Monitoring site:

This is completed transaction on Mainnet (executed about 8 hours ago):

Probably, the person who wrote this article does not know how cross-chain bridges and AMB work, and why the funds go to the zero address when sent to another network - I recommend him to better understand this topic. Apparently, the relayer did not allocate enough commission for the transaction, and therefore it took so long, and he thought that the funds were gone. I ask the one who has contact with him to send him a link to this message and ask him to remove the article containing incorrect information, or add a refutation.

Thanks for the fast response! I’m glad my funds are not gone. The article made me try to withdraw my funds from Nova for safety but wasn’t even able to show my shielded balance due to not responding. Unlike there’s no option to change RPC address in the frontend so I don’t know what to do. Can you update to use a RPC that does not censor us?

This is not RPC issue, I tried all RPC from chainlist and getUtxoFromKeypair didn’t work - to many data requested. It will be fixed in next update, but now you can try again and again - it will load balance.