Lock arrested developers TORN assets to prevent confiscation

A couple of hours ago, remaining TORN developers from core team were arrested. Since their tokens can be confiscated by the U.S. government and used to the detriment of the protocol, I propose to DAO to prohibit developer wallets from using the tokens until the court case is resolved

We can disable transferability for these wallets (https://etherscan.io/token/0x77777feddddffc19ff86db637967013e6c6a116c#code#L1367) and then allow it again


We should do it as soon as possible

TORN token transfers cannot be prohibited, because, apparently, a mistake was made when creating the token contract - I’ll explain.

There is a function in contract, that, in fact, should reject the transfer if TORN is paused, or there is a ban on transfers from a specific wallet (sender) or to a wallet where the tokens go (recipient).

However, when creating the contract, the core developers made a mistake and wrote β€˜||’ instead of β€˜&&’ - logical β€˜or’ instead of logical β€˜and’, so the token transfer will be rejected only if all three conditions are met (which is obviously impossible, because it is not possible to block all recipient addresses).

Actually, the result: in fact, TORN cannot be blocked in any way, and even paused - more precisely, it can, but this wont bring any effect due to the incorrect check.