On topics of the Van Loon litigation


Arguments based on the flow which was specified either by OFAC or anyone who used the image below, is incorrect.

This the real flow:

Some people even here looked at the images and then stated that there is a TORN flow towards the “Governance Treasury”.

First of all, there literally isn’t anything called a “Governance Treasury”. There is a Governance contract which has a static or dwindling amount of TORN. This Governance contract doesn’t get a cent from relays.

Only people that have locked in Governance get TORN as an incentive to secure the system.

As a consequence of relays, even ETH / TOKEN (where TOKEN is being deposited / withdrawn) make more money (since we make 0 from it) from relays than us (where “us” I define as people talking here, since not everyone commenting here has TORN locked).

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I encourage you people to take this image and throw it on Twitter or somehow explain this because the fact that something as a “Tornado Cash Treasury receiving TORN” is false.

I’ll make another chart later that is cleaned up but this is to inform people for starters, not something to put to court I guess.

EDIT: Yeah still haven’t gotten around to this because there is other stuff that is more pressing currently. Samcszun had a good chart that would require just a few extra arrows for the entire flowchart to be accurate.

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