Proposal #19: New dev, plans for project development and remuneration

General Statements

Currently, the Tornado project is in limbo. The development team ceased their work after OFAC sanctions hit on August 8th, and the current community developer known as Gozzy left the project after the refusal of proposal 18, among other issues.

I’m not here to judge his work. However, at the time of writing this, the project chat rooms aren’t being moderated and are overrun with scammers. Furthermore, the Tornado website is unavailable to clearnet users.

Since Gozzy’s resignation (if you can call it that), no one has yet expressed their intent to revive the project. With the absence of a new development team, I have decided to offer my candidacy to the DAO as a project developer.

My job duties as a developer will be:

  • Providing everyday support (with the exception of force-majeurs), such as doing Q&A’s in chat (both Russian and newly established English-speaking), answering all other non-critical errors from Monday to Friday and helping users with critical problems everyday. Keep in mind that all answers, not related to the user’s private information, will be given in public chat, with the intent of later linking those as related problems to users.

  • Maintaining DOCS and working capacity of the general external services (classic-ui, classic-ralayer, nova-ui, tornado-cli, forum, git), as well as working towards more independence and freedom for this project.

  • Addressing and discussing forum user suggestions, git issues, and pull requests, which can be found here: forum, git.

  • Promoting the project on social networks, getting in contact with managers of coin lists such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to update project information in an attempt to attract new users.

  • Moderating the English-speaking chat and keeping it open.

  • Supporting freedom of speech: no matter what you say, you won’t be banned, not in DMs nor in the chat, with the exception of spammers, scammers, and harassers.

Development and Support Plans

  • Creating a new infrastructure: main website, nova, DOCS, forum, and git.

  • Resolving the issue of RPC censoring: deploying our own RPC with the aim to make the website as much of a “safe and sound solution” as possible (for starters, eth and bsc mainnet’s).

  • Supporting relaying software: releasing a valid build for sidechains, an automatic script for Debian-based distros, which will require minimum user interactions.

  • Simplifying work with CLI, allowing users to choose the relayer automatically, without specifying it themselves, by formulas that described here.

  • Updating DOCS, links, and translating them to other languages with the goal of making them as newbie-friendly as possible. I will personally take care of translating them to Russian, since the Russian-speaking community is quite large. I’ll also ask Chinese chat admin DorisMM to translate the docs to Chinese (not for free, of course).

  • [Negotiable] Having up-to-date links for community chats in blockchain records of tornadocash.eth, so that new users can easily contact other community members (or developers) for support.

My Experience

  • Almost 10 years of NodeJS development (tornado-cli and many Tornado libs, such as websnark, circomlib, are written in Node)

  • More than five years of professional experience in developing TypeScript-based static web apps and their frameworks (Gatsby, Next.js, Nuxt, which is what classic-ui, nova-ui, and relayers-network use)

  • 3 years of dApps development experience

  • A mathematics degree, with knowledge of zk-Snark algorithms, used in Tornado development.


Based on my high development skills, the difficulties of duties entrusted to me, the complexity and inadequacy of work, and jurisdictional risks, I assume that my salary to be $30,000 per quarter (91 days) and $6,000 as compensation for project services expenses such as hosting, domains, and rental of high-performance servers for RPC (a server with 128GB RAM, 16TB SSD, and 1Gbit/s network costs around $1,000 per month).


TORN current price: 7.19
Quarter remuneration: 30 000$ / 4172 TORN
Quarter reimbursement: 6 000$ / 834 TORN

Contract code (you can test it).

I told you an other thing : ʀᴘᴄ nodes software do crash. And they crash in a way the databases get screwed too : you need to store at least 1 back‑up. For Ethereum, you need 3Tib for the execution layer and another 3Tib for the beacon chain, so 12Tib with proper back‑up. On which you can add 9Tib×2 for the Binance smart chain.
Also, cloud ꜱꜱᴅ Storage won’t work or will take you months : GitHub - ledgerwatch/erigon: Ethereum implementation on the efficiency frontier. I can understand you trust nobody, but please edit the ʀᴘᴄ part of your proposal in order to not say in september or November without having achieved anything : I screwed requirements and needs XX thousand more in order to do it correctly.

Don’t forget Nova is on Gnosis (though it’s possible to pass a proposal to move the contract and the funds to the main chain)

I already wrote about it here, but I can say it again: in the first months for testing, I will launch pruned nodes for networks - mainnet on Nethermind, BSC on Erigon.
In this case, declared memory (16TB) should be enough to work in RAID 1 mirroring mode, so that in case of problems the data is not lost.
Also, given that the event cache in official Tornado builds will be updated frequently, users should be fine with a pruned node, since they won’t need to query eth_getLogs for old blocks.