Proposal #26: Paid listing on Coinstore


I, as a developer, do not support or promote this proposal, I do not encourage you to vote for it or against it - I am only a technical implementer who created the proposal and provided some additional information about it. The original topic created by Coinstore employee is here, DYOR.


Coinstore SEA exchange proposed to list TORN with allocations 7 000$ (about 2 000 TORN) to their community giveaways. Coinstore promises to publish posts about the token in their listing groups, including twitter and telegram, as well as on the website and in the official application.

More detailed information in the form of a table (provided by a representative of Coinstore):

Coinstore statistics

Proposer verification

Coinstore employee wrote me in Telegram, he has username @Sahil_Coinstore.
He was verified:


Payment amount with current token price: 2012 TORN
Verified proposal contract code: etherscan link