Proposal #29: Update IPFS content hashes and addresses on ENS


In general, this proposal does not differ much from proposal 27 (be sure to check it out for those who have not read it yet) - the same update of addresses and IPFS CIDs on the corresponding Tornado ENS domains, only the relayer system, taking into account the wishes of the DAO, retains backward compatibility with old versions of the Tornado Cash main site on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Changes description

All changes that are present in proposal 27 (major update).

All changes that are proposed to be added in this proposal to Tornado services are in separate branches (proposal-29) in the respective repositories on

  1. Created new TS library to unify work with fees in Tornado services;

  2. Additional changes to proposal 27 on the main site (classic UI):

    • Fixed problem with inability to withdraw on BSC by changing the priority fee calculation for Binance Smart Chain;
    • Updated event cache, encrypted notes, trees and bloom filters to the actual state to speed up the generation of proof required to withdraw funds from Tornado pools;
    • Simplifying oracles for getting up-to-date tokens rate to ETH and up-to-date gas price on the selected network using the new library;
    • Published new minified release of the main site for convenient local hosting with a detailed guide.
  3. Relayer software changes (classic-relayer):

    • Updated V4 branch, which allows using the new library to correctly calculate gas and commission with backward compatibility for V4 and classic-ui 1.0.0;
    • Updated V5 branch for sidechains, which fixes a bug with gas on the BSC network and allows to withdraw without any problems on other networks with the correct gas estimation (Optimism , Arbitrum and so on);
    • Updated installation script, with which relayers can install both of these versions together and run with one simple command.
  4. Global documentation update:

    • Fixed all grammatical, spelling and factual errors found in the entire docs;
    • Updated all non-working images and gifs resolution paths, size of the documentation (in MB) has been almost halved, which greatly speeds up loading, broken links have been changed and the section directory has been fixed;
    • All information has been updated: new build identifiers and IPFS CIDs, updated info about access via Tor, addresses replacement in accordance with the redeployment of contracts in previous proposals.

Tornado services hosting system and IPFS have also been heavily updated with numerous backups due to the fact that many centralized services and hostings block Tornado-related content (Infura, Pinata, Filebase).


Proposal contract code: 0xaF0AbcF236D495AEfDA9f9e1DF5bECE0D132da66

New IPFS hashes (redirect to public IPFS gateaway):

  • Main Site: bafybeib4rg5gx7plrvzasrrqa3tcb3tnzm2goxhteaxsbem6hjpzsgihbu
  • Documentation: bafybeia6n6wmi6wcpjahfm52dhtrnqg3g7f5fg2awi7tv6fikqjo6rn6ba
  • Nova: bafybeidjmsfqt6363gujziktuaalzda37avhpemvuzagbhqvcdodnqulw4
  • Site for relayers: bafybeib5mg7naza5prj5l4bwwzci7hkflltobtw2irldacktnijokhksz4

Tests and verification

Completely similar to this paragraph in proposal 27, including links to the test site and test relays.

Important info for relayers

If the current proposal is passed and executed, you’ll still need to update relayer software for sidechains and the Ethereum Mainnet, although compatibility with older versions of the site is still maintained.
In a couple of hours before the proposal is executed, all relayers will need to update software to the new version (you shouldn’t to do this right now, for sidechains it is incompatible with the current version of main site) - you can install updated software via this link with a single command to a clean Linux server, preferably Ubuntu 22. Old software must be disabled before running new, and note that the .env file format has changed a bit, and just you can’t copy old ones.
All relayers can ask questions in this telegram chat.