Proposal #33: Compensation for relayers


I, as a developer, do not support or promote this proposal, I do not encourage you to vote for it or against it and wont vote myself - I am only a technical implementer who created the proposal and provided some additional information about it, DYOR.


This proposal was created to compensate relayers affected by the recent attack for the fees they lost on reverted ETH transactions.
The decision to create a proposal was made based on the results of a forum vote in the main topic about attack on relayers - in three days, more than 60% of users considered that a compensation would be desirable.

Changes description

The four relays listed in the topic about attack will be compensated for all losses incurred as a result of the attack. Losses are compensated to the address from which the transactions were broadcasted; accordingly, compensation for two relayers will be paid not to the main address, but to the worker’s address.


The total amount of compensation is 989.2 TORN.

Also, relayer software is updated corresponding to short audit from 0xdeadbeef in official Telegram channel - now all mainnet withdrawal transactions estimated possible revert before broadcasting.


Verified contract code: 0x6B3257A4642C214fFAD2925B96a20f3D76005cF4

Tests and verification

Relayer losses during the attack are calculated automatically using a script that searches for all reverted transactions on the Tornado Router contract from the beginning of the attack (block 18363087) until the last attacking transaction (at block 18366622).
Next, all transactions are processed, distributed among relayers, the commission spent is calculated and swapped from ETH to TORN at the current rate via the Binance API.

Anyone can run the script and check the correctness of the data, however, the final amounts will differ from proposal by a certain percentage due to changes in the current exchange rate of the ETH/TORN pair.

NB! If some relayer doesn’t update their software on server after posting this topic and will be attacked, NOTHING will be compensated - I think there have been enough warnings already.