Proposal 42 - Unregister new cheater and operator discussion

What happened?

New cheating relayer appears. It was unprofitable to cheat after my proposal 37 when torn price was more than $3, but now with price $1.3 relayer can spend less than $3000 to start cheating with 2000 torn. My proposal 41 created to fix this possibility but it is yet not executed

Cheater transaction:
Why it is cheat: withdrawal through fake router contract without paying handling fee to stakers

Proposal goals

We should respond to this challenge immediately and create strong evidence that cheating is not allowed in Tornado. Cheater should be unregistered with balance expropriation as soon as possible

Proposal code:
Proposal tests:
Proposal contract:

Results: cheating relayer balance will be nullified and withdrawed to governance, relayer will be unregistered. Also i as developer will receive 50 torn as gas compensation for deployment, proposing and execution

Operator discussion

Warning! There is NO operator in current proposal!!!

There are many new stakers after delisting did not see my proposal 34 -
We want to add new relayer control function - an operator who can unregister relayer in the case of cheating immediately and operator can not turn malicious, bcs operator will be one biggest relayer or multisig of 3-5 biggest relayers and if they maliciously unregister someone, governance can punish them in 7 days with proposal and restore unregistered relayer and choose new operator without problem

well done,The proposal is timely

thank u so much, the price of torn will beyond btc one day

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