Proposal 44 - force withdrawals via relayers

What happened

Many Tornado users start avoiding mainnet withdrawal fees (0.3% of each withdrawal should be distributed between stakers and about 0.1% goes to relayer) and because of it in last months APR falls twice. We can not ban withdrawal without fee on contracts side, but we can ban it in UI because significant part of users interact with Tornado using UI

First enhancement context:

What i did

I changed ui code: - look at my commits

Proposal info

Just update UI and ui decentralized source


For transparency i as in last proposal placed ipfs hashes and conversion hash library right in proposal code and anyone can verify it just need to copy from contract code
Who want to test the site you can use cid which placed raw in proposal code:

Results after proposal: users will not be able to withdraw without relayer on official sites/ipfs and should pay withdrawal fee that will be distributed between stakers. Also i as developer will receive 100 torn as gas compensation for deployment, execution and other costs related to this proposal

I asked @Vlados to propose this proposal bcs governance contract has protection against proposal spamming and does not allow to create second proposal when first is active
now my proposal 43 is active and i have not been able to propose 44 myself, vlados proposed it for me but forgot forum link in description

proposal 44 is really valid proposal you can vote, more context in official Tornado chat

This proposal is very important and strongly supported.
Please have the auditor conduct a review

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I’ve come up with this idea many times and I’m glad someone finally took it up.
In addition, if coupled with the token burning mechanism, it can be said to be perfect!