Proposal: 赋予TORN代币更好的价值捕获能力


  1. Proposal should have structure, code and tests;
  2. Proposal should be a realisation, not the raw idea;
  3. Proposal topic must be written in English.

Moved to enhancements & removed proposal number.

Next, on topic theme:

  1. We cannot collect deposit fee, because contracts are immutable;
  2. We cannot force withdrawals through relayers, because pool contracts (where funds are stored, for example 100 ETH contract) are immutable, and users always can withdraw directly via contract. We can only do it in the UI;
  3. Now 75% (or more) of the commission from withdrawals is distributed among stakers, what exactly is the idea?

It is supported to force the use of relayer withdrawals in the UI because the UI provides convenience.
But for the deposit fee, and raise the withdrawal fee standard, I feel that is greedy.
Shall we raise the commission to 100%? Or just send it to your personal account.

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I fully support second bcs number of withdrawal with relayer are constantly decreasing and it is bad both for relayers and for stakers

The important crime charged by the United States against the founders is that they made profits through TORNADOCASH. Nearly half of the unlocked tokens in the DAO have now become their fetters. Therefore, what measures will be more appropriate to deal with these tokens. Can it not only clear the founder of criminal charges, but also make the token price perform as it should?