Some suggestions

  1. Add the lock function, you can refer to the mechanism of the curve, the advantage of this is to increase the time to maintain the recognition of the currency holders on the project goals, and it is also convenient for the implementation of relayer breach of contract.
  2. Increase the threshold of the torn locked for relayers, which is determined by the liquidation cycle and price.
  3. The rewards for lockers come from the treasury, which can be obtained according to the three-year linearity of the document or refer to the BTC mechanism.
  4. 80% of the ETH received by the relayer enters the treasury, and the way to use it is determined by voting, such as increasing liquidity.

Moved to enhancements

  1. The essence of relayers is that users can always withdraw their money from Tornado pools. If we now set a limit of 10,000 TORN, there will only be a few (2-3) relayers left, which can later be centrally disabled, which will lead to the impossibility of normal interaction with Tornado. Functionality for users is our primary goal, this is much more important than a complete solution to the problem with cheatign relayers.

  2. What is the point of sending rewards to the treasury and withdrawing them from the treasury if there is already a Governance Staking contract for this? Where is the advantage over the current system?

3 By distributing from the treasury to the pledgers, stable income can be ensured without being affected by cheaters. For example, there is a fixed interest rate of 50% or more per year. Of course, it is possible to set up the people who participate in the governance vote to increase the income by 5% to encourage everyone to participate. The money payable by the repeater is directly recharged to the treasury and will not affect the pledge. This is my opinion.

Of course, the income is only calculated with TORN, as long as the token price rises, everyone can get more profits

  1. I mean charge 0.3% of eth/bnb…to the treasury. Such a treasury is more valuable. It can be used to increase the depth of dex and buy other stable coins, wrapBTC, etc. Pure torn can’t do anything except dumping

It is not recommended to add liquidity as the team will also sell off

I don’t think others will increase liquidity, and I don’t think it should be added now because the team still has one million left to sell. At present, adding liquidity will only be ruined by the team