The proposal on token destruction can not only ensure safety under supervision, but also increase the value of tokens

I don’t know how to program. I propose this idea and ask for your valuable opinions. If it is feasible, please implement it.
The source code of TORN has been made public. The reason why it is still the largest currency mixing pool in Ethereum is because there is a huge amount of existing funds to ensure the effect of currency mixing. In order to ensure the security of DAO and the interests of token holders.
It is recommended that on the premise of retaining the current relayer mortgage, deduction, and token distribution mechanism, a function is added, that is, in the future, coin mixers need to use 1% of the amount to buy TORN and burn it into a black hole for deposits and withdrawals.
This function will be canceled until the token deflation reaches 10%.
This will also maximize the risk of DAO and token holders being sanctioned.



I hold an opposing opinion and I am too lazy to explain the reasons

With the urgent need for privacy, TORN is the absolute king of this field and cannot be replaced. This proposal can continue deflation and increase token prices. Don’t you understand this logic?