To be or not to be an open source project?

Before launching Tornado Cash the old team understood that cryptocurrency mixers have a bad reputation. Therefore, Tornado Cash was launched as an open source project. The openness of the project made it possible to attract such famous people in the crypto community as Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood.

However, open source did not work and Tornado received sanctions from OFAC. Right now open source is actively used by scammers who create fake versions of Tornado Cash and deceive users. Tornado Cash also provides CLI so that the user can withdraw cryptocurrency from the pool without using relayers. Will we continue to be open? However, private repositories will also have a negative effect. Can we discuss this?

  • Open for all
  • Private for all
  • I don’t care
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bad idea
we are already open source even onchain and you could not hide it
also security through obscurity did not work in crypto