Listing Tornado Cash on Coinstore

Coinstore is a Singapore based CEX. It’s top 30 exchange having 3.8 Million registered users and having 800Million - 1 Billion trading volume. It is founded during the year 2020. So far, we have listed 170 plus projects . And another 100 are in the pipeline to be listed by Q3 2023. Coinstore participates crypto expos all around the globe. Recently, we were awarded as the Asia’s best exchange in crypto expo 306 in Dubai.

We would like to list Tornado Cash in our exchange with a token allocation that will be distributed to our community members. This will help in increasing the token holders also and create a hype in our community.

Listing proposal:

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Do you know anything about the development of the project? hype won’t help

i dont think we still need a hype when everyone knows wt this is.

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2000 tokens are nothing.

Although the volume of the exchange can be done by wash trading, there are benefits

  1. TORN is seen as illegal and hacked in people’s eyes. If an exchange lists it people will interprete it as the token being okay

  2. Coinstore will promote the token on social media, what we missed since OFAC and TORN case, already almost a year no update

  3. Eventually the bull market will set in and old exchanges will lose customers while new exchanges will gain traction, especially the ones with the most variety of coins / tokens, maybe coinstore is a winner in the future bull cycle?

  4. They hold crypto expos, so their brand is being spread.

  5. They will have to supply liquidity on their exchange by buying tokens.

The benefit outweigh the risks. TORN team has million+ tokens, a few thousand cannot harm TORN, the benefits outweigh the negatives


how will you announce the torn listing? I would like to see anonos worthy. The announcement of the torn listing should be accompanied with an emphasis on explaining what is confidentiality in the blockchain and how important it is. Can I see a brief presentation of the listing?

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We Usually announce our listings on all our social media platforms and on website/app via banner. This helps our 3.8M registered users to see which new projects are getting listed. We can write a few lines about the project while announcing our listing

I totally agree with you Diari. Coinstore being a pretty new exchange with a decently huge user base can definitely help the project to have a good presence. To make it more meaningful it can be a big fish in a small pond as we don’t list a lot of tokens on a daily basis. On other exchanges sometimes the project tends to get lost during the influx of so many new projects.

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We have a huge userbase in the SEA region and there is always scope of adding new members/holders in the project.

I would definitely love to know more about the development of the project and understand what is something that will help the project… We like to give the best results to our project and would love to do the same for this project as well.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend money on listing on a particular CEX for the following reasons:

  1. TORN is already listed on Binance. If Binance doesn’t delist TORN, it has sufficient liquidity. If Binance does delist, other lesser-known CEXs will not help TORN’s liquidity.
  2. TORN’s design philosophy doesn’t require a CEX, or any kind of promotion from a CEX. Tornado Cash is currently the largest privacy pool on Ethereum, which is a basic consensus in the crypto circle, it doesn’t need promotion by a CEX. Liquidity from DEXs is more important for TORN.
  3. It’s unlikely that the community would vote to use DAO funds to list on a certain CEX. This is decentralized, anyone who wants to list TORN can do so.

@leifeng It’s only 2000 TORN that’s nothing, you probably panic sold TORN waiting for lower prices and afraid the listing will cause a sudden bullish sentiment on price, leaving you behind

Scam! Please stop discussing

It is not a scam, why do you think so?

i think leifeng has point out the argument. if the stand point of joining new cex are just like diari and SD_coinstore said,
then binance also did the same, and we already got those benefit if the point is holds.

its not about more or less, its about worth or not.
there is no any reason to waste for something without a reasonable point,
if diari point is holds, just 2000 torn and that’s nothing, why dont just pay it to me :slight_smile:, its even no logic behind…

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