One (decentralised?) endpoint to access events data from Tornado contracts

Last days I familiarized with Tornadocash sites and tools code and I noticed many different realisations (almost all not optimised) of events fetching to check withdrawal info, get proposals or votes, filtrate relayers, build deposit proofs etc. These operations take up so much user time and make user experience worse.

Since the current deposit / withdrawal events are only updated when the proposal of changing UI passes it is very slow and will do a heavy load from remote nodes every time, I think that developer (I can help) need to create some (trusted or prtly-decentralised) endpoint to fetch current events from sites/cli and users with slow network connection or operating via TOR can use Tornadocash much convenient and faster

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In principle, this is possible and similar ideas have already been discussed in Matrix with one of the active chat participants. At the moment, I am working on the previous implementation of an independent repository with the source codes of the Tornado Cash services, which will allow, even when sites are blocked/disabled, to have access to the trusted code and improve it. Dynamically updated data about events that partially stored blockchain will probably be the next thing.