Proposal 36 - restore relayers

Proposal goal - restore mistakenly unregistered relayers in proposal 32. Compensation will be in the future proposal.
Some context: proposal 32, proposal 34


Proposal repo:
Proposal contract code:
Relayer registry updated implementation code:
Proposal deployed contract link:


Update relayer registry implementation contract to add function to be able to restore relayers via governance.

Register again three relayers:

No real torn tokens will be transferred during execution, values will be simply restored in relayer contract state.

And compensate proposal costs to me (deploy relayer registry implementation, deploy proposal, propose proposal, execute proposal) - 100 torn

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Hello Tornado Cash community friends,

I am one of the three major relayers affected by the #32 proposal recent events. For privacy and safety reasons, I prefer not to disclose which specific relayer I am.

  1. We have carefully reviewed Proposal 36, and the code is secure and no bug.

  2. I am also financially strained at the moment, having pledged all my $TORN into the node.

  3. It may seem that only us three major relayers are directly harmed by this situation, and it may even appear beneficial for other relayers in the short term—as when we stop operating, their earnings increase. However, if we consider the long-term perspective, it affects everyone: other relayers, $TORN holders within the DAO, and users who rely on Tornado for privacy protection. As victims of this event, we have been operating for a long time. If we cannot recover from this, it would indicate that the fairness and trust within the Tornado community have been compromised. To the other operating relayers, can you guarantee that you won’t be attacked in the future? If you face similar issues, you might also be unable to recover and suffer significant losses—would you dare to continue pledging more $TORN to maintain relayer operations? Similarly, in an environment that is unfair and untrustworthy, new relayers will also carefully weigh the benefits and costs. If this vicious cycle continues, the number of relayers will decrease, and users relying on these relayers for privacy will start worrying about safety and exposure. They might reduce their use of Tornado or opt to withdraw ETH directly bypassing the relayers. The consequence of this would be reduced, or even non-existent, earnings for $TORN holders currently pledged in the DAO, causing immense damage to the entire Tornado project.

The above is just a statement from one of the affected relayers, and I hope everyone will carefully consider and vote for Proposal 36. Thank you!