Proposal 45 - official dev

Why we need it

We discussed big proposals problem about a week ago (Big proposals problem), please familiarize yourself with this topic, i see replies in it and most users think that we should choose option two (official dev with periodic remuneration as community worked with gozzy and theo)

With dev periodic remuneration i will be able:

  1. create, deploy and execute big proposals without thinking about gas expenses
  2. spend more time, basically all work time, to develop smth for Tornado (now i am working on my work irl and contribute to tornado as a hobby)
  3. do time consuming contributions that does not require proposals (i want to develop events js lib to speed up ui withdrawals)
  4. pay for audits of any big proposal without additional proposals from remuneration funds

Why me

Tornado does not have official dev since theo resignation and in this period there were more than 10 proposals (32-44) and almost all proposals was developed by me for free, only with gas expenses coverage
Now there are no other devs that want to work on Tornado (@blue_go_crab can not make proposals bcs of legal reasons and @borisdefi created one declined proposal and disappeared) and undeveloped protocol is unstable - Tornado is recently experiencing unexpected issues as relayer hacks, oracle liquidity problems etc etc
My goals now are protecting tornado from possible attacks and obtaining maximum decentralization in protocol as possible

Code and info


Remuneration amount as in previous theo proposals (30k usd for 3 months), but i do not ask for any reimbursement and will spend money from salary to deploy contracts, perform tests, paying to auditors etc etc
Amount unlocks linearly in 3 months and dao can cancel stream in any time and amount in torn calculated by mean price in last week (about 1.8 usd)

If this proposal will not pass i continue develop small fixes and proposals but i will be not able to create something big and really valuable

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For the community, having developers working full-time is a good thing as it can solve problems in a timely manner.
Butter has also put in hard work in past proposals, especially the UI proposal, which is worthy of recognition
At the same time, it is recommended that developers communicate privately, integrate resources, and improve efficiency