Proposal 34: cheating relayers patch

As you guys see, proposal 32 executes gone a little… not according to plan (I fucked up, cheating relayers did crazy move and shit happened). But no one lost real assets and I created this emergency proposal to fix that was done and finally unregister ALL cheating relayers which was found - if you know cheating relayers which not included in the list below, write me please.

What exactly happened?

Because the cheaters in proposal 32 was unregistered via resolving address from their ens domains, they changed addresses on ens right before proposal execution to innocent relayers addresses and three biggest relayers was unregistered (reltor.eth, relayer007.eth and k-relayer.eth). After it, cheating relayer who did this, enjoying its impunity, topped up relayer stake with 500 torn.

What to do?

Smash this cheating boy and his subaccounts, smash all the other cheating relayers, restore mistakenly unregistered relayers. Fortunately it is not a problem - unregistering is by fact just changing relayer registry contract state without transfer any real tokens or other irreparable actions. Btw also will be good to compensate downtime for mistakenly unregistered relayers, but i am poor crypto enthusiast & torn investor (check my wallet) and cannot do this myself - really sorry for problems.

Fix step by step

Proposal repository:
Redeployed relayer registry contract diffs (the differences of the contracts from the current Etherscan deployed versions):
Cheating relayers list to unregister:

Contracts etherscan link: not done, i will post tomorrow. Why? Maybe you, or some auditor, or theo will find something that i should add/change, and i am not so rich to spend everytime 200 usd to gas.

Dao warmly welcomes contributors to join, but please make sure to improve yourself, otherwise, it will make Dao look very low

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Than you for response, trying my best!

I added to code:


Proposal contract on etherscan:

Relayer registry implementation contract on etherscan: